installing Sun3 from Viper150 - problems...

installing Sun3 from Viper150 - problems...

Post by Simon Greav » Fri, 24 May 1996 04:00:00

Sun 3/60, 24Mb, PROM V2.8.3, Viper 2150s SCSI tape, NetBSD-1.1.

I'm trying to install to the Sun from tape, downloaded the
binary install stuff from and followed
the instructions for creating boot tapes.

Here I had my first problem, I tried writing the tapes from
a Sun IPX running 4.1.3, but it doesn't like 'bs=8k' for dd,
so I then tried an alpha (DU 3.2D) which does support it.

Tried booting (Sun3 with 2.8.3 prom _should_ boot from 150Mb
tape?), the Sun rewinds the tape, appears to read a little
and then stops, the tape light remains on. After a delay,
the console reports a SCSI: DMA failed to complete, resets
the tape and tries again.

I booted SunOS 4.1.1 and successfully used dd to read the
three sections of the boot tape to disk, and then wrote them
to another tape with explicit eof marks between them. Halted
and tried booting again, but the same problem occurrs.

The tape drive is a bare Archive Viper 2150s (pulled from
another non-Sun machine), works fine with the Sun in 'normal'
use (ie tar, dump etc), maybe I should try a genuine Sun

Does anyone know if this _should_ work, or do I need to beg/
borrow a 60Mb tape?

What's involved in installing from another
media? I have spare disk, could I boot SunOS and install NetBSD
to a spare disk?

(ASAP please, I'm just busting to get this up and running :-)



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Thanks much,

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