anyone built willow-2.4 on netbsd-1.0/i386?

anyone built willow-2.4 on netbsd-1.0/i386?

Post by Mark Tamo » Fri, 28 Jul 1995 04:00:00

dear all,

has anyone out there built willow-2.4 from on
their netbsd-1.0/i386 box?  if not, can someone out there with the motif
libraries build it for me (and indirectly for all others that may want to
have it)?  i'm not lucky enough to have the libraries, but am counting on
the good souls of others to help me out.  anyone willing to do it?

thanks for any help.

ingat ka,



1. Build fails on NetBSD 1.6 (i386)

I did a "cvs checkout -rnetbsd-1-6 src" and ran ./ after
creating /usr/obj.
The build fails I think in some gnu subdirectory in some cvs stuff with
a message like 'unbalanced #endif in source' (and tons of that).  I also
looked at the info on about how to build -current and
tried ./ tools and stuff, but that failed as well.  BTW what is
the official way to erbuild 1.6?  ./ tools, then kernel, then
distribution, or just ./ or even something else?

BTW is there a simple way to rerun the script _without_ it cleaning
everything first.  On my slow machine a build takes really long and I
don't want it to redo everything just to reproduce the error or whatever.


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