Compiled Nedit (needs Motif)

Compiled Nedit (needs Motif)

Post by Kevin Walt » Sat, 25 May 1996 04:00:00


I am looking for someone who has purchased the Motif Lib's and has compiled
Nedit using them under NetBSD.

If so could you please make it avaliable by contacting Mark Edel at

a copy of it.

Kevin Walton
Demon Internet


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I'm looking for someone who has got a DEC Alpha with Redhat Linux 4.1
or 4.2 and Motif 1.x to compile a statically motif linked version of
nedit 5.0. Mark Edel, the author of nedit, is informed and will receive
the DEC Alpha binary for redistribution.

If you'd like to assist, please contact me for details. In my opinion,
this shouldn't violate any copyright restrictions for Motif ...

Thanks in advance

Juergen Haas

J"urgen Haas
University of Passau (Germany)


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