CAP 60 pl 197 aufs weird problem...

CAP 60 pl 197 aufs weird problem...

Post by Peter W. Gstettne » Tue, 02 Mar 1999 04:00:00


finally, using netbsd I got it to work immediatly! But, mounting my first
volume from the Mac Side, restarting my netbsd and crashed on rebooting the
bsd. It said

   root filesystem type is: ffs
   pid 1 got signal 11
and then
   pid 1 got signal 10

repeating forever.

What happened to my filesystem on reboot???

On the Mac side it said ...will shut down in 5 minutes (but shuts down

Thanks in advance,

PS: AUFS Performance is very low on a Mac Centris 650/40MB Ram with NetBSD.
The Client is a PMac 8500/120.


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        I installed CAP60 patch level 192 on a  Solaris (2.3) Machine.
        Everything works fine (I mean aufs and lwsrv), but I also need to compile
        lwsrv.beat (which is the modified version of lwsv that supports the
        version 8 of the Apple Lserwriter driver).

        The compilation of this lwsrv.beta fails .

        Has anybody converted this program to Solaris 2.x.

                Thanks in advance.

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