NetBSD on a non-FPU Mac?

NetBSD on a non-FPU Mac?

Post by Andrew Bro » Mon, 26 Feb 1996 04:00:00


i was reading about netbsd at, and noticed
that 1.0 had been ported to 68030-based macs that had an FPU.
it stated efforts were in progress to remove the FPU requirement.

i am about to receive a PowerBook 150 that does not have an FPU.
thus, i have two questions:

1) is work still in progress to remove the FPU requirement, and,
   if so, how long is it estimated before that happens?

2) if the answer to (1) is negative or uncertain, would anyone
   happen do know if i can add an FPU to my mac at a later time?


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Thanx /Mats Erik/

Mats Erik Wenneberg

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