ANNOUNCE X11R6.1 for NetBSD-1.2 (amiga) available

ANNOUNCE X11R6.1 for NetBSD-1.2 (amiga) available

Post by Bernd Ernes » Tue, 08 Oct 1996 04:00:00


X11R6.1 for NetBSD-1.2 (amiga) is now available.

PLEASE read X11R6.1-01Oct96.README before you install it.

You can find it on and its mirrors:

   28928 Oct  5 21:47 X11R6.1-01Oct96.README
 2329839 Oct  1 11:15 X11R6.1-bin-01Oct96.tar.gz
 7502703 Oct  1 11:16 X11R6.1-fonts-01Oct96.tar.gz
  656862 Oct  1 11:16 X11R6.1-include-01Oct96.tar.gz
 2052076 Oct  1 11:16 X11R6.1-lib-01Oct96.tar.gz
  724159 Oct  1 11:16 X11R6.1-man-01Oct96.tar.gz




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