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can someone please tell me how the COMPAT_FreeBSD option in NetBSD works -
like the Linux option ? - that means with the shared libs in an /emu dir or
in another way ? - is it using the NetBSD for dynamically linked
binaries or is it using an FreeBSD ? - i ask because i think it should
be possible to make it work with the NetBSD (if it doesn't do it know)
and to make it less hard caring of the shlib major and minor numbers - that
means that you can run dynamically linked FreeBSD executables using the
NetBSD shared libs - is this possible ?

another thing - is it possible to write an shared-lib converter to convert
FreeBSD shared libs into NetBSD ones (i think it should work becuause the
compiler generated code seems to be the same for both systems - you may "ar
-xv" an FreeBSD static lib and rebuild it using an NetBSD ar and then you
may use it for NetBSD) - this might fill some software-gaps for NetBSD
(Motif etc.)

these are just some ideas - can someone who knows more about there topics
tell me if it may work or not - thanks in advance - t

p.s.: the man-page for compat_freebsd seems to be missing in NetBSD-current

p.s.: the second one - would it be possible to use mixed shared libs - some
from Free- and some from NetBSD using an halfway intelligent ?

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