MSDOS and rm/mv problems

MSDOS and rm/mv problems

Post by G C Wi » Fri, 23 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Has there been any changes in the MSDOS code or deletion code in the last
two months (my kernel from December works OK).  When I  rm  or  mv  something
from my MSDOS partition, the space is free'd (FAT stuff wiped?), but the
directory entry remains, so I can still  ls  it.  To fix it, I have to run
MSDOS and  del  the file (and  scandisk  to be sure).
(I also upgraded my computer then but I doubt that that's the problem).


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I'm trying to diagnose a problem on a client's SCO PC running
Release 3.2v4.2 KernelID 93/04/28.  A file mv'd by a cron script
instead becomes hard-linked.  This cannot be duplicated outside
of cron.  That hacker tampering has somehow caused this is one
possibility.  Several systems, including this one, in the same subnet
have been hacked, and a packet sniffer was discovered on a server run
by the sponsoring university was recently discovered.

But is filesystem corruption a possible cause?  I'd hate to have to
tell the client he'll have to re-install without being sure.  The
system was re-installed from source after the prior attack.  The binary
for ln, rm, mv and mvdir has been replaced.

Also, I'm rarely in this group.  So an e-mail response would be
preferred.  I'd be happy to post any answers.


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