netbsd for pmax

netbsd for pmax

Post by mstorc » Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hello out there
This is mike from germany
Could anybody please burn a bootable ( with label / rzboot - bootblock)
cdrom in a format bootable (via scsi cdrom 5/rz4/netbsd) for my pmax
a Decstation 5000/200 with a mips r 3000a cpu
a dec lance ethernet card pmad-aa
a scsi II controller pmaz- aa
a n d a pmag-ca graphics controller
I have not been able to get this thing to boot via writing
a miniroot. One near miss ended when the kernel said
< no TERM recognized>
ie it could not find the console ( no terminal / tty  hooked up)
Of course i would compensate for expenses
If interested i could send back a book about rostock and its university
(founded 1419 ....a little before my dec ..)
Beware that the drivers for this kind of graphics are supposed to be
a little tricky and the bootable cd for my kno2-aa version 5.3t boot prom
should be a 512 byte sector cd ...
Any help appreciated.

1. install NetBSD on pmax

I've attempted to install NetBSD on a decstation with
no success.

I've tried numerous permutations of the directions, but what
I think should have worked was:

I put the disk on a decstation 5000/120 running ULTRIX 4.3.
I compiled disklabel with gcc 2.5.8, moved bootrz and rzboot
to /usr/mdec and ran disklabel as such:

./disklabel -B /dev/rrz3c
  (some warning about no disk label)
./disklabel -B -R /dev/rrz3c rz24

Now, if I run ./disklabel -r /dev/rrz3c it looks good.  I then
did the dd:

dd if=./miniroot of=/dev/rrz3c seek=16

the disklabel is still in tact.  So, I didn't clobber it.

However, the resultant disk is NOT bootable on a decstation
5000/133 or a 2100.  Anyone get this beast to work?

A friend tried labeling the disk from a macintosh running NetBSD
but that didn't work either.  Both machines will boot ULTRIX and
I'm certain I have the boot rom environment variable set correctly.

Eric McWhorter                     2-207 Wilson Hall, MSU, Bozeman, MT 59717
Math Sciences                      (406)994-1788

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