fdisk for macppc?

fdisk for macppc?

Post by Petter Gusta » Sat, 21 Jun 2003 23:11:58

Where can I find fdisk for 1.6.1/macppc?

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1. MS-DOS FDISK not working. Linux fdisk does.

I have 2 Western Digital Caviar drives.  When I use MS-DOS
FDISK to modify/delete/add partitions, none of my changes
take effect upon rebooting.  However, Linux fdisk works
like a charm.

Other details:

1. Linux partitions show up as NON-DOS partitions in MS-DOS FDISK.

2. If I try to make changes to the partitions with MS-DOS FDISK,
   the partition table as seen by Linux fdisk becomes corrupted.
   (i.e., nothing comprehensible shows up when the "p" option
    is selected)

Anyone seen this behavior before?



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