Net BSD and VPN

Net BSD and VPN

Post by yan bo » Wed, 28 Mar 2001 04:06:07

Hello every body!!!
Does any body knows if NetBSD works with VNP (virtual network protocol) or only with pppoe .


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Dear Group,

I'm having a little bit of trouble with a test-setup for some customer
and would be happy if someone could give me some hints:

The setup consists of two internal networks, and which are connected either via a crossover cable (for
testing) or later, the internet.

+------------+                                  +------------+
|Client A    |                                  |Client B    |
||                                  ||
+------------+                                  +---------+--+
   |                                                      |        
+--------------+                              +--------------+
| Firewall A   |                              |  Firewall B  |
|  |        | |
| -+------------------------------+- |
+--------------+      VPN/PPTP Connection     +--------------+

I am using Kernel 2.4.21 (SuSE Linux 9) with PoPoToP (pptpd) and

I can connect the tunnel on both networks without any problems and
even ping the hosts in the network after I set up iptables correctly:

--- iptables setup on Firewall A ---
--- / iptables setup / ---

The same is configured on Firewall B, with some changes in the
IP-Addresses to make it work there, as well.

Now here is the problem:
Whenever I try to copy a larger bit of data (HTTP download for
instance) from Client A to Client B (or from Client A to Firewall B)
-- always over the VPN-Tunnel -- I get very low performance: 16kb/sec
or lower. Somtimes I get 40kb/sec for some seconds before it drops
down again.

I tried to copy data from and to all hosts via a direct TCP/IP
connection over the ethernet and get around 7MB/sec. Therefor I can
count out hardware related problems. There are no error messages or
whatsoever on any of these hosts. Ping works fine. ip_forward is
active in the kernel.

Thanks for any help! :)


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