Problem with Sun (Archive) Tape Drive on NetBSD 1.1/Sparc

Problem with Sun (Archive) Tape Drive on NetBSD 1.1/Sparc

Post by Andy Anderso » Sat, 04 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I can't seem to get the tape drive on my Sparc SLC to work with NetBSD
v1.1/Sparc.  I know the drive is okay because I can boot the SunOS
miniroot and use the tape drive from there just fine.  It is set up as
SCSI ID 4, and is on the same SCSI bus as the disk, which works fine, so
I don't think its a termination problem.

When I try to use mt or tar I get error messages about 'Invalid command'
or something about the mode.

Anybody know whats going on and what I need to do to use the tape drive
under NetBSD v1.1/Sparc?



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I installed the NetBSD 1.1 system on a Sun Sparc IPX with 424MB disk and
the usual Sun peripherals. Installation was fine and the system works o.k.
apart form thousands of messages:

dma0: errorempty FIFI of 16
dma0: erroremtpy FIFO of 1

These flood the console and /var/log/messages and generally slow down the

Anyone else seen this problem ? I am using the distributed kernel and have
not yet had time to load the source tree and complie a custom kernel.


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