shared library minor number stuff doesn't work right

shared library minor number stuff doesn't work right

Post by William Bardwe » Wed, 15 May 1996 04:00:00

We tried installing new X11 libraries...we had libraries called
and we added ones called, ldconfig would see and list only the
6.1 (which is right), but when we tried to run a program, it would say
that it couldn't find ...but ldd says it is just linked with
libX11.6 (which implies that it should work right, ie load the highest
minor revision of major revision 6 libraries...

This is on stock(as far as I know) 1.1 i386.

William Bardwell


1. Smail doesn't really work... it's a joke right?

I've been trying to get SMAIL to work even remotely on my Linux 1.1.2
box.  I had no problems getting it to receive mail it just won't send

When I do a "smail -v {address}" it reports that it does in fact,
make an smtp connection to the correct host then it simply sits.  
Locked... dumm.. no movement...  I've tried everything possible and I
just can't get past this.   I am sure that I am the only one who ever
had this problem... I just thought that someone might be able to shed
just a little light?  I've been working on this problem for the past
10 hours today and all this week and have gotten exactly no where...
Conclusion... smail was included as a joke right?  Well you got me...
I should not have spent so much time on it... maybe there's another
system to use... freeBSD??  I even considered buying a sun.. at least
I can call them for help.

Please?  It's late... 10 hours nonstop on one dumb problem is enough
to drive anyone nuts.




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