Sun3/50 & NetBSD X11R6

Sun3/50 & NetBSD X11R6

Post by Lucien Murray-Pitt » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

This is the FIRST time I've used NetBSD to run X11 and am getting the

Fatal Server error:
        Failed to establish all listening sockets.

 Basically what the hell is causing this?

 My Sun 3/50 is NFS booting of a Linux server.  4Mb memory, Mono frame

 Where is there good docco?




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1. Install NetBSD on Sun3/50 - a good idea?

Sorry for the crosspost to .amiga but it is relevant...

I am currently setting up NetBSD on my Amiga 3000/040, and I also have an
old Sun3/50 kicking around. I was thinking about compatibility issues as
well as the copyright minefield in getting newer software for the Sun,
when it struck me that the obvious thing to do was install NetBSD. Your
advice is appreciated....

Who are the NetBSD/Sun gurus and how does one contact them? Is there a
mialing list, FAQ, etc.?

How does the install work? On the Amiga there are tools under AmigaOS to
partition disks etc. and get NetBSD up and running - the Sun has no such
"fallback OS", unless you can shuffle stuff under SunOS :) :) :). Where
can I get such tools?

Can you repartition the disc and keep the contents of partitions that
aren't changed in size or location, i.e. by a series of steps each of
which retains a root partition, can you get the setup you want without
needing a tape?

Do I need a SunOS boot tape and/or other specialist software for
installing NetBSD? Is it available on the net?

The Sun has a 300Mb Micropolis drive, and the current SunOS setup takes up
40-50Mb. Can I reasonably expect to repartition and install NetBSD,
leaving a partition onto which I can reload SunOS, and have enough space?

If so, will it be possible to share partitions (like user directories and
the swap partition) between the two operating systems? I assume at least
the root partition is the same format or else the PROM would be unable to
load the kernel, is this true? If so, I assume SunOS can mount NetBSD
partitions, and vice versa.

Any help appreciated, please reply by e-mail.
David Crooke, Department of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh

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