MacBSD on a Q605

MacBSD on a Q605

Post by jyo » Fri, 08 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I was reading some of the release info on macbsd 1.1 and somewhere it mentioned
a fpu emulator. I was just wondering if anyone has, or knows for sure if
it will work on a Quadra 605 (that is a 040/25mhz) with no fpu. If not that
I am also wondering if there is a unix that will run on my machine (that has
X windows) and has decent support (ie: like machten 2.2 can use linux
stuff ect.)



ps. no, machten is not unix, machten is well.. machten is machten.. (I am
refering to machten 2.2 for mac/os)


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I have installed MacBSD 1.0 and it is running fine. I would like to be able to
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Tim B.

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