ed2 device timeouts ne2000 irq10 x300

ed2 device timeouts ne2000 irq10 x300

Post by Eric Ulme » Tue, 11 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I've been attempting to install netbsd onto a 386/40 via an NFS mount
from my NextStep box, but the drivers for the ne2000 dont seem to like
my card.

I get "ed2 timeout" followed by intermittant host down messages when

I can observe ping traffic from the NeXT toggling the RX light on
the NetBSD box, but the NetBSD box doesnt seem to even toggle its
TX Led at all. I saw a note regarding the 3coms option of link0, so
I even tried that :-( no luck.

I know my NeXT is working fine as I downloaded the BSD distributions
with my NT box, then FTP'd them to the NeXT.

I'm using a UTP crossover cable for the connection.

Ideas anyone?
Eric Ulmer                  Networking Consultant, ServiceNet, LLC.



ed2 device timeouts ne2000 irq10 x300

Post by Ignatios Souvatz » Sun, 16 Feb 1997 04:00:00

   > I get "ed2 timeout" followed by intermittant host down messages when
   > pinging.

   Not sure about NetBSD, but in FreeBSD, this is a FAQ, and in 99 % of
   the cases it's a wrong IRQ.  (I think NE2000s don't allow for auto-
   probing the configured IRQ line.)

Definitely the same for NetBSD on any ISA bus machine. Check the setup
of your board and compare to what the README file says about the
GENERIC kernel's IRQ settings for ed?. You might need to (after
installing the kernel sources "ksrc.??")

- edit one of the GENERIC kernel description files in


- cd ../compile/HOWTHEFILENAMEIS
- make depend && make

to produce a new kernel adopted to your IRQ settings.

It might be just easier to

- boot MS-DOS, start your NE2000 config program (if it is a
  soft-configured board)

- switch off and open the PC and set jumpers (if it is
  jumper-configured) to make the IRQ/port/mem combination of the board
  match one of the three of the GENERICxxx kernels.

        Ignatios Souvatzis


Cute quote: "You should also consider that the ST comes fully equipped with a


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I am trying to install OpenBSD.  The install seems to go fine until
network.  The install software sees the NE 2000 ethernet at the
correct address and IRQ according to INSTALL.i386.  However, upon
configuration it fails to be useful.

ping anymachine.anywhere
ed2 device timeout

is all I get.

ifconfig ed2   reports up, link0 link1 (to rout to twisted pair)

Any ideas?  I don't think the card is bad, I swapped it for another
of the same, and no change.


Jan Lien

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