getting linksys wireless working

getting linksys wireless working

Post by <fm.. » Sat, 17 Aug 2002 13:42:52

I'm trying to get my linksys wireless card to work with netbsd 1.5.3
It says 'function 0 not configured' and I don't get a wi0 interface.
What's going on here?  Is this a case where I need to specify irq?
How do I do that?  Where in my kernel config ?
Thanks.  Please be as specifc as possible ...
email at:fmast at tasam [no.spam] com  ... thanks

1. Need help getting Linksys Wireless Ethernet to work with RedHat 7.1

Hi there,

I'm having a devil of a time trying to get my Linksys WPC11 wireless
ethernet card to work on my laptop.

I have a laptop running RedHat 7.1, with kernel 2.4.2. I'd rather not have
to compile the kernel, since I'm a bit new at the Linux game and wary of
over-complicating life. When I boot my machine with the standard RedHat
laptop configuration, I get a message that says "wavelan_cs can't recognize
card vendor". All the other pcmcia functions are fine, and it's definitely
recognizing that a card is in the slot (provides power to it and detects the
card name).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get this to work?

Thanks in advance!

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