SUN stuff for TRADE or make offer

SUN stuff for TRADE or make offer

Post by sash » Thu, 24 Feb 2000 04:00:00

1- Sbus SCSI / Ethernet card. card is narrow 50pin and 10-100 MB
2- Aui to BNC tranceivers with some cable
1- Aui to RJ45 tranceiver

1- IPC w/ floppy, 500MHD, Frame buffer, ? 24M ram , AUI to RJ45, (IPC is
Complete and ready to go)

1- sparc 1 ( mainboard, cpu, 8-12 M ram, PS,)
1- sparc1-2 floppy cabel and power
1-sparc1-2 HD cable and power
1 -Sparc1-2 floppy sled
1 sparc1-2 Drive sled with 100MB drive
1- sbus bwtwo frame buffer
1-sbus CG3 frame buffer
68 pin internal scsi cables
50pin to 68 pin adapters
a few scsi terminators 50 pin with light, one big centronics.

Things im looking for.
Sparc5 memory, intel p166-233 CPU's
SCSI/IDE hard disks
anything interesting


1. Please stop: You trade, I trade....he trades, she trades !!!!

OK, everytime I (stupidly) click on one of these messages, I get one line
containing the following junk:

and a new netscape window comes up.  How do I disable this not very
nice feature?  I hope they are not in some way cracking into my


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Columbia, MO 65211

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