Emacs compile Pb

Emacs compile Pb

Post by Gaetan Fei » Fri, 23 Feb 1996 04:00:00


I just downloaded netbsd 1.1. The gcc version is 2.4.5

When i try to compile emacs it ends by
   unknow __DYNAMIC.

I beleive this has to do with dynamic linking.

How can I fix that, the emacs version is 19.30

Thank you



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| Does anybody have the same problem, or did I something wrong ?
| If you're under kernel 1.3.6x and have recent libc, please try to fontify
| (under X with your console): take a source in C, and type M-x font-lock-mode
| If your emacs survive this, then I made a mistake, but where...

It depends greatly on your resources, and other things.  For instance, I saw it
when I had a detached frame minibuffer, but it went away temporarily when I
changed the minibuffer to being back with the window.  However, my elisp to
have separate frames for tasks (email, news, etc.) wouldn't work about 1/2 of
the time creating new frames.  I finally gave up and rev'ed back to libc.so
Michael Meissner, Cygnus Support (East Coast)
Suite 105, 48 Grove Street, Somerville, MA 02144, USA

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