Help! HD problems, ncr0: no ccb

1. How to find nos. of cyl in HD ?

Hi there

I am absolutely new to Linux. Infact, I haven't even installed it on my PC yet,
though, I've acquired all the necessary FAQs & HOWTOs and the Slackware (3.0).
While going thru the partitioning of HD using FIPS, I'm not able to figure out
the cylinders start,end for my different partitions. I have a Cyrix P66+ with
16MB RAM, 2.1GB IDE HD with WINDOWS95 on it and I am trying to have the
partitions as follows:

Partition_1   100 MB  for Linux native /  (root partition)
Partition_2   1.1 GB  for DOS
Partition_3   30  MB  for Linux swap
Partition_4   870 MB  for Linux native /usr

I understand that Linux root partition must start below 1024 or else
it will not boot thru LILO (is it OK to have it right in the beginning ?).

Now, how do I know how many cylinders are there in this HD ? The
"CMOS SETUP UTILITY" (pressing DEL during DOS boot up) displays :

Primary Master:

Options  Size   Cyls  Head  Precomp  Landz  Sector  Mode
2(Y)     2112   1023   64      0      4091   63     LBA
1        2112   4092   16    65535    4091   63     Normal
3        2112   2046   32    65535    4091   63     Large

Is it correct to assume that all the three are same with
different formats ('cos Cyls*Heads=65472 for all). If so, then
which is the correct nos. of cylinders for my HD ?

I'm not sure how but I have a feeling that my HD has 4092 cylinders
(since DOS can't handle more that 1024, we don't see them)and if this
is correct, then is it correct to have following four primary

partition   Begin   Start   End    Type
  1           1       1      200   Linux native / (100MB)
  2         201     201     2400   DOS (1.1 GB)
  3        2401    2401     2460   Linux swap (30MB)
  4        2461    2461     4092   Linux native /usr (870MB)

Is it do_able thru FIPS ?  I did try running FIPS and got the
following display but could not proceed much as I didn't know what
to make out of it.

Old partition         cylinder           New partition
   803.2MB              408                1208.8MB

Since my HD is 2.1GB, these numbers did not make much sense to me.
(I thought my HD was a single partition, all of which was being used
 in primary partition_1 for DOS+Windows95 !!)

I am sure this problem has already been addressed before  but I'd really
appreciate if someone cud repeat the solution.


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