Post by john dunca » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 19:06:18

Dear Group,
           Just built the Gnome2 meta-pkg on NetBSD 1.6.1 and
after 16 hrs all looks good after the font and /etc/hosts
fixing except for gnome-media et-al.
           Has anyone else had any problems? After looking at
the archives my problems look similar to those
in the gnome-2-0-list/ 2001-November/msg000425.html thread.
           Surely these problems have been fixed by now? Do I
have to update to current or has gobject.h become a problem
again? The esound daemon and the volume control are both working
well and I can always use the command line CD player.
                      Thanks for any help,
                            John Duncan

1. FreeBSD 4.6.2 Xfree86 4.2.0 with gnome2 can't open display

Dear all:
  I've install a xwindow system and can't get remote display.
  I need to use the FreeBSD + xwindow to get remote SGI octane's display
  I've set
   xhost +
  on the freebsd box
  and than telnet to the remote SGI box
  than type
  setenv DISPLAY myBSDboxIP:0.0

  but when I type xterm &
  I get a message "can't open display"

  I've tryed to edit /etc/ttys
  set two tty off(The FreeBSD document told me to do this)

  but still can't get remote display

  by the other way
  I turned on the ttyv8 on (xdm)
  after reboot ,
  I can get remote display
  but I don't want the xdm graphical greeter
  and it makes my xcin faild to work...><

  Does any on knows how to get remote display when xdm is turned off??

  I don't know if this problem caused by GDM
  and don't know which configuration file should be modified to solve
the problem...><

  please give me some direction or some hint...
  I'll try to solve the problem

  thanks a lot...

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