PPPD not getting SIGHUP using mgetty+sendfax

PPPD not getting SIGHUP using mgetty+sendfax

Post by Bob Knig » Fri, 21 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hi - I have configured and successfully run mgetty+sendfax and have
set up incoming PPP connections using pppd 2.1.2d.  However, one
problem remains: pppd doesn't get a SIGHUP when the remote flushes the
connection abruptly.  I've tried various stty hax, but no joy.  Any
ideas out there?

I'm about to head to the Gila for four days, but will summarize if
there's interest upon my return.

Thanx in advance!

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1. Getting mgetty+sendfax to detect Fidonet...

Hello all,

I have been having problems trying to set up mgetty+sendfax with
ifcico, a Fidonet mailer program.

According to the mgetty+sendfax docs, one must compile it with a
-DFIDO flag, which I have done. The logs say that it tries to detect
a UUCP call, then a Fidonet call, then it runs the login program.
Trouble is, no Fidonet call is ever detected calling from Frontdoor
v2.12. I am using mgetty+sendfax v0.22.

In addition, I cannot seem to get the permissions on the callout
device (cua0) to work - mgetty sets the permissions on the callout
device to user "uucp" of group "uucp", with rw to user and group,          
and nothing to the world. Ifcico runs as user "fnet" of group "uucp",
but in all cases, ifcico bombs with error 13 permission denied
whenever it tries to access the callout device, despite the
group permissions being set correctly.

I am currently using kernel 1.2.0. If anyone has any idea how
to fix this problem I would be eternally grateful, as I cannot
get this thing to work at all.

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