MacBSD X11R6 distribution

MacBSD X11R6 distribution

Post by Brian Co » Wed, 10 Apr 1996 04:00:00


  I had been having trouble with the "X.11Mar95.tgz" tarball for a while.
Helpful people on the net say they haven't had trouble installing it from
within MacBSD, but (for reasons I won't go into here) I needed to be able
to it from MacOS with the Installer.

  The problem is, the Installer refuses to recognize the ".tgz". I finally
got it to work by using DropStuffWithExpanderEnhancer to gunzip it into
a plain ".tar" file.  (This required more than 27MB of free disk space,
which is why it took me a while.)  The Installer was happy to install the
gunzipped file.

  The reason I bring this up is because the "README.11Mar95" file's
instructions say that it should work without gunzipping it first.
All I can guess is that the tar files was gzipped in some way that,
though still legal and able to be gunzipped by most gunzipping utilities,
the MacBSD Installer can't handles.

  Perhaps someone should gunzip the files and re-gzip it for the
archives so other people don't have the same problems I did.  Why
s/he is at it, s/he can incorporate the the newer X server binaries
that now lie in the "Xmacbsd.950912" and "Xmacbsd-960127.tar.gz" files.
(Am I right in thinking the 96/01/27 server binary completely supercedes
the 95/09/12 one?)

  I'd be willing to re-gzip the tar file (with the original server
binary) and ftp it somewhere, but someone would have to tell me
which MacOS gzipping utility the Installer can understand.

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