Anyone dump/restore OpenBSD to a disk for me?

Anyone dump/restore OpenBSD to a disk for me?

Post by Ralph Segu » Wed, 12 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hi.  I've already posted this once and sent email to DECstation-managers,
but I haven't heard anything at all.

I'm hoping I can get somebody to dump/restore OpenBSD (or maybe NetBSD)
for me.  I will send a disk to do it on.

What I want on the disk:
   OpenBSD  (2.x)  (or possibly NetBSD)
   OpenBSD source  ( " )
   GNU stuff (Emacs, C++, Perl, xxgdb, Ghostscript/view, ...)
   ... other useful stuff

Pretty please with sugar on top! :)
I'm willing to pay a nominal fee, if necessary.



1. Anyone dump/restore OpenBSD to a disk for me?

Hi.  I've read the instructions on installing OpenBSD, but I do not have
a bootable DEC to use to format and install OpenBSD to a disk.

Sooo....  I am hoping someone will volunteer to do the dirty work for me
if I send them the disk.

I'm thinking a 300M disk should be adequate to fit most of the good
stuff right?

I'd want:
  kernels for 3100 & 5000/1xx  and 5000/2xx
  source code
  GNU stuff (Emacs, Perl, C++, gdb, ghostscript, ghostview, gcl, ...)
  X for 3100s and 5000/xxx (PMAG-B, PMAGB-B) machines

Any volunteers?
I'm willing to pay a nominal fee.


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