help:sound under 1.1 + how much memory does NetBSD really use?

help:sound under 1.1 + how much memory does NetBSD really use?

Post by Boris A. Friedm » Mon, 20 May 1996 04:00:00

1) Perhaps, this is a silly question. I don't even have a sound card
here. All I want is to be able to hear the bell, when, for instance,
someone requests a talk on a passive xterm. But my kernel (this is
1.1), disables it, and I don't know how to get it back. Ok, since I am
at it, let me ask more - can I play some .au files (in some weird way
maybe) without a sound card? If yes, how to do it under 1.1? I have a
kernel source, so if I need to config smth. in, I can do that.
Oh, I should of course mention that this is Gateway 2000 Intel 486,
33MHz. This thing has 20mb memory, ~350M harddrive (although this is
prob. irrelevant)

2) This computer is not my own - it belongs to school, that's why I
maybe vague at times (I don't open it too often). But when it boots,
BIOS reports 20Mb of memory. NetBSD gives the following three boot
messages, which I am a little bit concerned about:
Apr 28 20:46:20 zhivago /netbsd: real mem  = 20578304
Apr 28 20:46:20 zhivago /netbsd: avail mem = 17375232
Apr 28 20:46:20 zhivago /netbsd: using 276 buffers containing 1130496
bytes of memory.

Which one refers to the physical memory that NetBSD uses? Probably,
the third is vm or whatever, so I'm not concerned, but the second
message throws me off. Does it mean that NetBSD doesn't see 3mb of my

Any help will be appreciated.


1. HELP: compiling xarchie under netbsd 1.1

When I try to compile xarchie.2.0.10 under NetBSD 1.1 using gcc 2.4.5
I'm getting the following error message (on the loading stage I mean):

RegExp.o: Undefined symbol `_compile' referenced from text segment
RegExp.o: Undefined symbol `_advance' referenced from text segment

Obviously this .o file comes from one of the standard libraries that
are appended to the list of obj files for the loader by
Makefile. There is a bunch of them though, and I don't know which one
uses RegExp.o, the less so where those symbols are defined.

The "Problems" file suggests a solution of a similar problem under
Solaris 2.2 by loading this stuff with smth. like libgen.a which is
the library of regular expressions under Solaris. I don't have
anything remotely similar to this library. I grepped on anything I
could assume related to these symbols, and couldn't find any suitable
library. Does there exist a library of regular expressions under
NetBSD? The way my advisor usually suggests to solve problems like
that, is to write two void functions compile() and advance(), load and
wait until the program complains and gives some hints what's wrong:-)
I'll probably do that, but I hoped someone can help me to do this right.

I thought, before I bug the author, I'd try to get some information
from NetBSD experts or someone who had this problem before. Any help
in this area will be appreciated. I really want to have xarchie,
because I ftp a lot, and I like that interface to archie.


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