Problem with outboard SCSI

Problem with outboard SCSI

Post by C.R. Carlso » Wed, 11 Oct 2000 04:00:00

  I will try to keep my question short.
  I installed NetBSD on one of my old 575's (with full 040) in the
internal HD without difficulties. Runs fine, but is shy on space.
So decided to install on the other 575 (full 040 also), with a 1 Gig.
outboard SCSI. It's a generic refurb that I got that works fine with the
MacOS. I initialized, formatted, ran mkfs and went all the way through
install without problems. Gave 700 megs to Root/Usr, 50 swap and rest to
  Went to boot and noticed that my MacOS icon labelling the external HD
Mac partition has disappeared! The machine will no longer shut down
using the usual menu selection. Disk first aid see's only my internal
drive and not the external. But SCSI probe correctly see's the external
drive (SCSI 1) and if I look with disktool it even correctly recognized
the partitions. Needless to say it won't boot. It' gets to the "I sez to
him" and hangs.
  Anyone able to point me in some general directions?
  Oh, specifically the drive is a Micronta (not spelled right, sorry)
and the refurb outfit mentioned that it would work under Mac 8.1 and not
earlier versions. Thanks in advance.

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