sorry for Linux/FreeBSD question

sorry for Linux/FreeBSD question

Post by Vivek Ra » Sun, 19 May 1996 04:00:00

I just found the BSD faq, which discourages posting questions
comparing operating systems. Sorry. Please ignore my previous
post about Linux vs BSD, unless you want to send me an email
rather than posting to the newsgroup.

Vivek Rao


1. FreeBSD getting more tempting, sorry, more newbie questions

Well, something very interesting broke loose today. Someone on a Linux
hardware newsgroup said that my scanner is now supported under SANE 1.07.
This is interesting because I'm at a real crossroads platform-wise right
now. Since I've become a java developer and switched from Windows I've
kind of been cut adrift in a sense. I'd like to give OSX a try, but
it's just too expensive. I'm interested in FreeBSD because I can afford
it and I've heard it's more stable than Linux.

So I'm wondering what I should do. I was about ready to purchase VMWare
because I need access to a windows box to keep up on ASP.NET AND because I
need to be able to use this scanner and VMWare supports USB and thus my
scanner. However, if I can scan with SANE, VMWare suddenly looks a lot
less compelling. So here are some more questions.

#1 - How well does VMWare 2 work (can you even buy this anymore, is it
abandonware)? Could I run Win2k Pro under it and how much RAM could I
attribute to this Virtual Machine?

#2 - Is it possible that my scanner might be supported by SANE, but not
supported by FreeBSD, and if so how would I find out?

#3 - If I decide to switch to FreeBSD is there a MUST-HAVE book to help me
out with general system administration?

#4 - I've seen mention of problems with Soundblaster Live cards. Are these
cards still trouble or do they work?

Any advice is appreciated. I want to finally settle on a system. I'm
bouncing around too much. And since I'm about ready to drop a cool $300 on
VMWare I'd like to get settled first whether it might actually be possible
for me to make the jump to FreeBSD.


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