Problems with video card and NetBSD/mac68k

Problems with video card and NetBSD/mac68k

Post by Jaso » Fri, 21 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I 'm having problems booting NetBSD 1.2.1 (and 1.1) with a Radius TPD 1
bit video card in a
Mac IIsi.   I get the "you're hosed" error when booting telling me that
I don't have 32 bit
addressing on when it really is on.  When I use built-in video, the
problem does not occur.

Any suggestions on how I might fix this problem.




1. Video problem with Mac IIcx and NetBSD Mac68K v1.1

I have a question regarding a first time install of NetBSD Mac68K
that I thought this group may be able to help me with, or at least
refer me to someone can.

The problem:
  I have partitioned the hard drive on a Mac IIcx and followed the
install procedures for NetBSD Mac68K v1.1, I attempted to boot it up
(using booter 1.8), it gets through the initial stages and the
screen switches out of the booter window, to, I assume the NetBSD
shell.  It then continues the booting process.  It displays about
3/4 of a screen of info then the screen becomes a mass of random
lines.  It looks a lot like a video card "sync" problem.  However I
really can't say.
The hardware is:  

        Mac IIcx
        8mb Ram
        Standard Apple MacII video card
        Apple 13" monitor

Any sugestions? - Please reply directly to me if you could

Thanks for your time

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