Disklabel a pmax-disk with NetBSD/386 ?

Disklabel a pmax-disk with NetBSD/386 ?

Post by Jan Muelle » Mon, 27 May 1996 04:00:00

Hi !

I tried the whole day to disklabel an RZ56-DEC SCSI Drive for
NetBSD/pmax to use it with my DecSystem5100.
I'm using a PC with an Adaptec 1542B running NetBSD 1.1. When
i try to do a disklabel -R sd0 rz56 (rz56 is my protofile), i
end up with the error aha0: DMA beyond end of ISA and the
system locks up. The SCSI disk is 636 MB of size and i'm
trying to label it with 3 partitions (root, swap, whole-disc, rest for -usr).
I think i've got the right values for the cylinder-sizes.

I tried to label with and without aha1542 bios enabled...same problem.

Was anybody successful in that case or is it just possible to
label the disk with netbsd/386 ?? Maybe a special disklabel program ?
(the pmax-Version of disklabel doesn't compile on netbsd/386 :-((  ).

Thanks for help,


Jan Mueller