one icq can't get through my NetBSD firewall yet another does...

one icq can't get through my NetBSD firewall yet another does...

Post by Dr.X » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 02:14:34

Hi, me again :-)

would anyone happen to know how to get icq to work from behind the
netbsd firewall? one of my client machines works with icq with it's
installed default settings while another one does not. no matter what
i do, it will appear to connect to the icq servers but does not
populate the list. then after a while, it disconnects claiming that it
cannot find a connection to the net (this after it already said it was
connected and able to communicate with the icq servers).

i checked my settings on the machine that it does work on and
compaired them to the other. they match exactly. yet one works, the
other does not. i have also tried variuos configurations to no avail.
all the icq help files and message boards i have checked have
suggestions for other firewalls and proxies, but i have found none
relating to NetBSD.

both clients are setup identicly:

icq2003a -> 2 Win2k sp2+all hotfixes -> one cheap hub -> NetBSD 1.5
firewall from -> cable modem.

I would think that if it were a firewall misconfiguration, it should
block both clients.

any help would be apreciated.
thanks again.



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Hi - This may be a FAQ - but from Google, I've seen more questions than
satisfactory answers :-(

My colleagues are hassling me to start using ICQ, but my current
firewall setup doesn't allow it, and I'm reluctant to start allowing
stuff without understanding 1) what ICQ does, and why; and 2) what nasty
side effects I could be generating.

I found a kernel module (I can't remember how) and installed it, but it
doesn't seem to work.

Part of the problem may be that I've never used ICQ, and as I said I'm
not sure what features need what connections. Is it possible that the
module will let me do most stuff, but actually signing up for an account
is blocked?

Any suggestions most welcome.

Many thanks,


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