Anyone using ET5025 cards ?

Anyone using ET5025 cards ?

Post by Heiko W. Rup » Fri, 31 May 1996 04:00:00


is anyone using a ET5025 High Speed Synchronous Communications
Adapeter with NetBSD ?

What experiences do you have?

If you don't know what I mean - look at:
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1. Anyone using EISA Specialix Cards with about 20 - 50 serial ports ?

HI !

We have problems with 3 of our systems running the serial lines with
an EISA Specialix RIO Card (driver Version 2.00)

Sometimes some serial lines are lost.

If this fault comes up one can send from the terminal to console
(on console "cat < /dev/ttyr01" you can see what a user on the lost-line
terminal writes)

B U T    the terminal does not receive (show) any data being sent from the

Sometimes, when our printer ports are lost it's very bugging us.

We talked with Specialix but it didn't help any.

Last chance is to use other cards like the "si" card from Specialix.
But with this card we need one card every 32 ports which is not what we want.

Any help ????

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