Pointer To Library Sources Needed

Pointer To Library Sources Needed

Post by James B. Fraz » Sat, 06 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I had thought to update the antique ping supplied by
NeXT using the more modern version in NetBSD, but I'm
missing err, errx and warnx (as well as err.h, which I
suppose defines them). Also missing are inet_aton and
timersub. Could someone indicate where in the NetBSD
source hierarchy I would find these?

If you can help, please email me since I don't follow
the NetBSD groups.




1. need pointer to http proxy source code

I'm looking for sample source code for an http proxy server to port to
win95 (if easy to do). This is the first time I look into linux and would
appreciate some pointers, like which distribution of linux has an http
proxy server, what is it called, how to search for the source code on the
net, etc.

IP masquerading gets mentioned a lot in this newsgroup, but I'm not
interested in this (harder to write).

Of course, if you know a proxy server or IP masquerading server for win95
that is free, it would be even better. I have found many shareware,
demoware, etc, but have not found freeware yet.
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