Timeout on /dev/aic0 - so what?

Timeout on /dev/aic0 - so what?

Post by Alexandre Golovanivs » Fri, 24 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I spilled a bit of Diet Coke on my OpenBSD-2.1 box.  Well, looks like
the box in itself liked it a lot, but now, I get errors using my HP DAT
drive.  Some tapes read just fine, but some others do not, and I can't
write at all.  When trying to write to a tape, I get
Timeout on /dev/aic0
errors, then "tar" becomes inkillable - I have to restart the box.

Does it mean the SCSI adaptor is damaged?  Or is it the DAT?  Or something

Maybe BSD's prefer Pepsi?

Alexandre Golovanivsky  -  Maha, OpenBSD, Arioch, Methos.


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Hi people.

I'm trying to debug a problem that I'm having with my CDROM player and
cdparanoia.  They crash talking to each other.

What is the difference between accessing the cdrom via /dev/sg0,
/dev/scd0, /dev/cdrom and /dev/hdd ?

/dev/cdrom is a link, right ?  It is a hard or soft link ?  How would I
point it to something else ?

cdparanoia needs to access the CDROM via a scsi interface.  In order for
that to work, one needs to turn OFF ATAPI CDROM support in the kernel and
turn on general scsi and CDROM scsi support.

Right now my /dev/cdrom device points to /dev/scd0.  Given that cdparanoia
needs a scsi interface, shouldn't this point to /dev/sg0 ?

Furthermore, grub load the following: hdd=ide-scsi.  That means that the
IDE ATAPI CDROM drive will be accessed using the scsi interface, right ?
Could I not point /dev/cdrom to /dev/hdd ?


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