install problems/confusion with NetBSD on pmax

install problems/confusion with NetBSD on pmax

Post by Robert L. Urb » Sat, 23 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hi Folks,

Perhaps someone can clear up some confusion I have surrounding the NetBSD
installation on a pmax (DECstation 3100).

I'm using the NetBSD-1.1 distribution, with miniroot-1.1+tar+gzip+mount_ffs

Ignoring the install guide where it says to copy bootrz, rzboot onto the 'a'
partition and then hammer miniroot on seeking past the first 16 disk blocks
where the bootblocks are supposed to be,
I just dd'd miniroot to the 'a' partition and then wrote a disklabel
afterwards.  This all seems to work.

Then I halt the system, and boot from my miniroot 'a' partition (rz0a).  I am
asked during the boot what the 'root device' is, and I answer rz0.
Then I hit a return to get 'sh'. Now I have a '#' prompt.  Now, according to
the installation instruction from Jonathan, I

        "have NetBSD up and running on a pmax. the next thing to do is
        to unpack a full set of binaries and configuration files.
        Newfs teh partitions you want to use for NetBSD..."

Now I get to the confusing part.

The install doc talks about the 'target disk'. No other disk is mentioned. It
seems likely that if I boot the miniroot from rz0a, I can label rz1
(a=root, b=swap, and g=/usr ?) and then configure the network and extract
base.tar.gz etc.  But what if I want to install on the same disk where
my miniroot resides?  Mount complains when any attempt is made to mount
/dev/rz0a with "device busy".  On the other hand, I _can_ newfs /dev/rrz0a.

Am I missing something? Or must one have two separate disks, a miniroot
disk and an install disk?

At the moment, I have a bare-bones ultrix system on rz1a, so, obviously,
if I try to install over rz1 and something goes wrong, I lose my ultrix
bootstrap-the-bootstrap system.

Rob Urban