Using the concatentation/striping driver (cd.c)

Using the concatentation/striping driver (cd.c)

Post by Anthony D'At » Thu, 11 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm itching to use BSD/OS 2.1's /usr/src/sys/dev/cd.c to strip my news spool,
but I can't quite figure out how to fit it in.  I'm well-acquainted with
the concepts of striping and concatentation, but I can't figure out how
to *use* it -- aside from building & linking it into the kernel, do I have
to edit sys/mount.h to include a new filesystem type?  Are the devices at
the end of cdvar.h the component partitions?  What devices do I use for
newfs & mount?  Do I mount them as a new filesystem type, or as ufs/ffs?

Any help will be much appreciated.  I've crossposted to the netbsd
group since I thought it likely that the same driver might be used there.


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Would it be better to stripe at the storage level (EMC) or at the O/S
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at the EMC level, a single striped device (LUN) is presented to the
O/S.  If striping at the O/S, EMC will present multiple LUNs to the
O/S which will then be striped.  Are there any bottlenecks introduced
by not making the O/S aware of the actual devices that are being
striped across?  In other words, even though the single striped device
presented by EMC would be striped, do we lose any performance since it
a single I/O device being presented to the O/S?

Thanks for any information.

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