Advice on partitioning hard disk - NetBSD for Mac 68K

Advice on partitioning hard disk - NetBSD for Mac 68K

Post by Matt Cunnan » Fri, 09 Jan 1998 04:00:00

2 changes to my original post:

I've just setup the VX and discovered that the HD isn't as big as I
thought! It's only 230MB

I've just discovered that ny news server now carries this news group,
but iw would still appreciate replies be e-mail if possible.


1. NetBSD 1.2 Mac 68k Pascal Compiler

I use a Mac IIsi with 100mb partition for NetBSD. I would like to use
a Pascal compiler as I have to use Pascal in my course. I haven't got
enough space to compile it myself and wondered if 68k binaries were
available from anywhere.




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