trouble mount nfs share from linux nfs server, protocol not supported

trouble mount nfs share from linux nfs server, protocol not supported

Post by ulRi » Thu, 10 Oct 2002 04:20:17


I can't mount a nfs share on my NetBSD 1.5.2 client from my linux nfs server.
Is there some special kind of voodoo involved that I'm not aware of ?

mount or mount_nfs command gives following error message: Protocol not supported

I've tried the mount_nfs -2 or -3 and -U or -T options to no avail

The nfs server works OK for other machines on the network (linux clients).

Any ideas?



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- I have NFS server (say server_sys) and client (say client_sys) and
mount a directory off NFS server, then create/chmod/chown a file to
users common to both systems
 - then i attempt to chown file to user common *only* to client and
get permissions this because <another_user> is not on NFS
server, this is not a directory perms issue.

# mount -F nfs -o rw,vers=4 server_sys:/export/home/server_dir
# cd /client_dir
# touch client_test_file.tst
# chmod 777 client_test_file.tst
# chown bin client_test_file.tst
# chgrp staff client_test_file.tst
# chown another_user uidmapping.tst
chown: client_test_file.tst: Permission denied

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