How do i get Crypt?

How do i get Crypt?

Post by Daniel Garc » Tue, 16 May 1995 04:00:00

Ok - i'm at wits end - how do I get cryping in for passwords?  Everytime
I log in, I get 'WARNING! crypt(3) note present in the system!'.  I thought
I had gotten the security distribution (sec10), but is there more that
I need to do?  Compiling isn't really an option - as i have about 6 megs
free on the machine (and the other machine that I nfs'd off of to
recompile my kernel isn't available any more ): -- is there anyway
I can get the executables I need?  Or, did i do something wrong
installing the security distribution?  (ps.  Yes, I am in the
US, so i personally don't have to worry about export restrictions.
Damn ITAR)




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