Asante SCSI Ethernet driver?

Asante SCSI Ethernet driver?

Post by Michael H. L » Sat, 09 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hello All,

I have gotten NetBSD running on my SE/30 and am anxious to expand its
capabilities. I was hoping that someone out there could answer some
questions of mine:

(1) Has anyone gotten an Asante EN/SC SCSI ethernet device working?
(2) Is there any documentation on what files I should modify for networking?  
    (i.e. addresses, DNS, etc...)
(3) How do I add a user? The adduser command doesn't seem to exist? Once again,
    what I really want is a pointer to some documentation.

Anyway, I am having some fun with this personal project and perhaps soon I
will actually try to port some number crunching code.


Mike Lim


1. Asante SCSI/ethernet supported?

I just acquired a Mac IIsi and am going to try to install debian 2.0
this weekend.  Somewhere, I've got an old Asante SCSI ethernet
adapter (don't remember the model number).

Before I start looking for the thing, is there Linux support for any
of the Asante SCSI/ethernet adapters?  If not maybe I'll work on that
(assuming the install goes OK).

Grant Edwards

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