3com 3c509 support.. with a catch.

3com 3c509 support.. with a catch.

Post by Ian Frechet » Wed, 03 Apr 1996 04:00:00

This is going to sound really sad, but I'm looking to see what it would
take to get a NetBSD 0.9 box running with a 3c509 card.  I've got
a little catch22, and I figure this is probably the cheapest way to
resolve it.  I have a NetBSD0.9 box that I wish to upgrade, but to
do so I need either a working driver for my QIC02 tape drive so
I can save all the work I have on my machine now, or I need to
get the machine on an ethernet, so I can back it up over the network.
The 3rd option, to buy a new drive, just isn't feasible right now.

I've been through all this with the tape drive, with lots of test drivers
and so on.. and I'm pretty sure that road is a dead end.

So, here I've got a 3c509 card, and a LAN to hook it to.  Will the old
ec device handle it?  If not, does anyone have one around that might
do the trick?    One notable problem I can see is that the 3c509
has no jumpers.  If I configure it from a DOS box can I plop it
in the NetBSD box and be happy?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank.