boot failure on Mac IIci

boot failure on Mac IIci

Post by A. Yinge » Thu, 29 Feb 1996 04:00:00


        After setting up and installing NetBSD, I get the following error
message when I try to boot for the first time:

        Bootsrapping the pmap system.
        Failure in BSD boot.   nest pa=0x106000, high [0]=0x100000.
        panic: You're hosed!

        stopped at              _De*+0x6:          unlk            a6
        db > unexpected trap; vector offset 0x77 from 0xbef00000.

        I would really appreciate it, and I will bestow lavish and excessive
praise on the man who can explain or offer a solution to this problem,
or both.

        I am using the following system:

        Mac IIci
        System 7.5
        17 MB RAM
        Standard 24 bit hi-res graphics card
        built-in SCSI on motherboard
        internal 160 MB SCSI drive at ID:0
        external 1.1 Gig SCSI drive at ID:5

        I am trying to install NetBSD on the external drive, which has three
A/UX partitions.

        Again, thanks in advance for the help, and if you wish, you can send



1. My Mac IIci won't boot MacBSD

I have been fiddling with MacBSD for time to time and this time I desided to
try and get it to run on my IIci

At the beginning the kernel could not be found. Now it finds the kernel, starts
checking everything and then it stops straight after it prompts you to choose a

I am following the instructions to install MacBSD to the letter and have got
somewhere but I stop at the Shell request prompt

something of the lines of "Enter full path of shell or hit return for sh"

If I hit return, it stops
If I type in a path of a shell. f.e. /bin/sh or /bin/csh, a small fragment of a
line appears at the top of the screen which I can't read and the system is
frozen again.

Can anyone help me out?
Or point me to a mailing list (or both)

my System is as follows

Mac IIci 8MB/250+122HD
with ethernet card.

Thanks in advance
-- Neil

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