Anyone got any pointers to PS/2 MCA *BSD ports?

Anyone got any pointers to PS/2 MCA *BSD ports?

Post by Robert D. Key » Thu, 27 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I am looking for any ports, or pieces thereof, to make some sort
of *BSD for a PS/2 MCA box (old Model 80).  I know that makes for
a lot of laughs, but I have half a dozen of them running AIX and
it might be nicer to run a *BSD of some sort.  Folks on the FreeBSD
list seemed to think there was some sort of MCA port in progress
in the NetBSD list.  Anyone know anything about this?  Any pointers
thereto are appreciated.

Bob Keys


1. Proposal for -- [really about which then gets included]



The variables cover my needs in this area.  I think that actual
implementation will result in some proliferation though because it's
considerably easier two implement a variable with two states in a make
script than one with poly states.  :)

Also, in playing around with building a, I've already found
that defining variables like:

JAVA_CMD        # full path to selected java
JAVAC_CMD       # full path to selected javac
JAR_CMD         # full path to selected jar
JAVA_LIB        # full path of directory holding tools.jar or

become critically useful once you get to attempting an implementation.

Selection Order --

The runtime ordering makes great sense--theoretically.  Practically,
it's effect is the same as the current use of dependency on JDK 1.1.8.  
I believe it makes sense to implement the full rigor of this selection
process only after Sun and the Foundation have arrived at an agreement
that allows higher-order JDK's and JRE's to be built AND distributed by
FreeBSD.  Until that time, rules 3 and 4 should be skipped.

But, we're making progress!

Now, we need some competing implementations so the gory details can be
worked out.


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