Problem with sun3 port

Problem with sun3 port

Post by Matthias Brenne » Thu, 20 Jul 2000 04:00:00


i tried to install netbsd sun3 but i have difficulties to boot my
system. I booted
from tape, partitioned my disc and then installed the miniroot into my
partition. But if i try to boot i get an error message:

Quote:> b sd(0,0,1) -s

Boot: sd(0,0,1) -s
Error (PSR = 0x203) Bus Error:
Vaddr: 60000000, Paddr: 00100000, Read, FC 3, Size 1 at 0x0000404A.

I installed everything this way on my 3/80:
1) Boot from tape
2) partition disk
3) dd miniroot to swap slice
4) try to boot from this slice (b sd(0,0,1) -s)

Thank you for all help!



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1. CMA Threads for Sun3/4 ported ??

We would like to use the CMA Threads from the DCE-Snapshot 3 for our
OODB server development. But the Snapshot only provides the machine-dependent
files for VAX, MIPS and Risc/6000, though the code in cma_config.h mentions
Sun, too. Has anybody done a port of the OSF-CMA to Sun hardware, and could
you give us some hints? Otherwise I must dig out my old 'hacker knowledge'
(yes, I learned programming on 6502 kit, very KIM-like), but since the porting
docs (3 Pages, haha) are not very detailed, I am not very optimistic (and I
cannot spend more than a few weeks part-time on it).

Yes, I have some understanding in the SPARC architecture, and read the summary

9, Issue 238, message 1), but here I need some info about the layout of signal
contexts, when to call the 'magic' FLUSH_WINDOW trap, and so on.

It would be even helpfull to get the mach-dep. files for other

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