Tips & Tricks for german Linux-Users (LaTeX, Umlauts, Docu)

Tips & Tricks for german Linux-Users (LaTeX, Umlauts, Docu)

Post by Jochen Hei » Thu, 13 May 1993 03:12:25

Linux utilities and documentation for german Linux-users
        (based on the great SLS-Distribution)

These disks contain untilities, documentation, tips and tricks
for german Linux-users. It is based on the SLS-Version 1.01 (Kernel 0.99p8).
There is no kernel with german-keyboard on this disk, because there are
too many possibilities to configure a kernel. So you have to make your
own kernel (look at the Makefile for german-keyboard).
These disks are not part of the official SLS-Release, but can be installed
with the "sysinstall -disk"-command from SLS.

The following packages are on the disks:

on disk G1:

a2ps:     ASCII-to-PostScript-translator
dintro:   german Unix-introduction
emacsger: Umlauts in Emacs (Lisp-programs and documentation)
german:   Documentation for german users
joe:      8-bit-clean version of joe (Version 1.0.8)
tex-ger:  german TeX/LaTeX, styles, hyphenation-tables
x11-ger:  german MF2-keyboard for X11
readme.ger: File-list and general information

on disk G2:

handbuch: german Linux-handbook Version 1.0 (TeX-source)
ispell:   german dictionary and missing docu for ispell

The installation can be done with the "sysinstall -disk"-command
from SLS.

The disks are available via ftp from (
in /pub/systems/Linux/SLT/g?/. The disks have been renamed to SLT/g?/
to avoid conflicts with the official SLS-Relaese. The disks are available
for file-request at the Fido-Node 2:241/342x (x=0,1,2) als SLT-G?.*.
For Upload to the Zerberus-Net I'm looking for a volunteer.

Happy Linuxing

------------ Linux: the really best text-adventure of the world! -------------


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Hello all,

I've got the following problem with an Apache-Server and
User-Authentification by a msql-database:

I've got a user-name with a german umlaut, for example:

and a password, e.g. "test", in the msql-database used for
Authentification of some WWW-Pages.
The Problem is, that the user cannot enter tha page, because the
server chokes on the umlaut (, same for ?????), i just get an
"authentification failed"-error. Every other username without umlauts
can enter without any problems.

I know I could change all umlauts in the usernames to ae,oe,ue... but
it would be nice if the user could login with his correct name, so
does anyone know if there is a possiblity to configure the server to
accept the umlauts properly?

The Server is Apache, version 1.2.4, probably using the
mod_auth_msql-Module, but I'm not sure since I didn't configure the

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Jens Heunemann

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