wavplay 1.0 - Play/Record *.wav files with xltwavplay

wavplay 1.0 - Play/Record *.wav files with xltwavplay

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               Announcing the release of wavplay 1.0

                       Warren W. Gay VE3WWG

                    GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
                       Version 2, June 1991


Currently in ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/incoming/Linux/ but hopefully
installed as ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/apps/sound/wavplay-1.0.tar.gz
by the time you read this.

                               - * -

At  long  last, is a new version of wavplay to correct many of the evils
of the  old version of the same.

This version represents almost a total rewrite. Some of my original code
survived  (most  notably  the  locks.c  module), but not much else.  The
original sources by  Andre Fuechsel  have been  completely replaced with
code  from  myself and code  kindly  provided by  Erik  de  Castro  Lopo

combination  resulted  in fixing many outstanding  problems, including a
stereo  play bug  and  the  elimination of most WAV header file problems
that were being reported.

The  current version should play almost all existing WAV files, with the
exception of those rare files that may contain SLNT or LIST chunks. This
may be addressed at a later version, if samples of these rare beasts can
be provided by someone, and they prove to be less than rare.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Some of you have asked about compressed formats. Sadly this is still not
supported,  since I do not have any documentation or example software to
code  from.  If  someone  can  scare  up  documentation,  postscript  or
otherwise,  or even readable sample code, then perhaps this can be added
in  a future version.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

        -wavrec actually works now :)

        -many  wav  header  bug  fixes  (thanks to Erik de Castro Lopo's

        -rewritten sound driver code (fixes bad stereo handling)

        -q quiet option (inspired by release 0.22)

        -i information option (inspired by release 0.22)

        -x debug option (inspired by release 0.22)

        -client program xltwavplay now provided

        -xltwavplay is MOTIF/LessTif based

        -xltwavplay allows interactive recording sessions

        -xltwavplay is editres ready

        -wavplay  runs  in  server  mode  for xltwavplay client to allow
        almost realtime of WAV file play and record functions (buffering
        in the /dev/dsp allows this to work)

        --help option is now supported (wavplay/wavrec)

        --version option is now supported (wavplay/wavrec)

        -make of xltwavplay is optional (some users don't/can't run X)

        -xltwavplay  has similar look and feel to the xltmix program for
        the  Soundblaster-16  (if  you  have the SB16/32, you might want to
        consider getting xltmix as well from sunsite to complement your

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

        - Probably any kernel released as 1.2.13 or later is a safe bet.
        - Requires appropriate and working sound drivers installed
        - GCC 2.7.2 was used for development and testing
        - C libraries (no g++ libraries required)

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

        - Mouse
        - Working X Server
        - X based libraries (X, Xt etc.)
        - libXmu.so (unless you uncomment NO_EDITRES option in Makefile)
        - libXm.so (LessTif/or MOTIF)

Title:          wavplay/xltwavplay - WAV file Play & Record applications
Version:        1.0
Entered-date:   14APR97
Description:    This package is a major upgrade for the currently
                popular wavplay and wavrec programs. The last submitted
                version was 0.22. The programs wavplay and wavrec
                have undergone a number of improvements, and bug
                fixes (almost a total rewrite). NEW with this release
                is the X based tool xltwavplay, which uses the MOTIF
                or LessTif libraries. The xltwavplay program operates
                in client/server fashion with wavplay so that the GUI
                interface does not hang, and leaves the user in full
                point and click control. Now you can point and click
                play/record WAV files with simple conveniance. You
                can PAUSE the playing, or override the sampling rates
                to generate raised or lowered voices to amuse your dog.
                Supports 8 or 16 bit samples, Mono or Stereo. The
                traditional wavplay support for locking semaphores is
                included in xltwavplay to avoid clashing with wavplay
                being run from a separate cron job or other process.
                NOTE: You do not have to have X if you just want the
                wavplay/wavrec shell mode programs.
Keywords:       audio sound stereo control panel wav record play

Primary-site:   sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/apps/sound/
                        58kB wavplay-1.0.tar.gz
                        1553 wavplay-1.0.lsm
Platforms:      LINUX 1.2.13 or later, GCC 2.7.2
Copying-policy: GPL2

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