(fwd) FreeType beta released -- a portable TrueType font rendering engine

(fwd) FreeType beta released -- a portable TrueType font rendering engine

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                           Welcome to the

                  F R E E T Y P E    P R O J E C T

                          The Public Beta!

                   The FREE TrueType Font Engine

    Copyright 1996 David Turner    <tur...@enst.fr>
            - 1997 Robert Wilhelm  <rob...@physiol.med.tu-muenchen.de>
                   Werner Lemberg  <a7971...@unet.univie.ac.at>

  The FreeType engine is a free and portable TrueType font rendering
  engine.  It  has been developed to  provide TT support  to a great
  variety of platforms and environments.

  Notice that  FreeType is a *library*.   It is *not*  a font server
  for  your preferred environment,  even though  it was  designed to
  allow the design of many font servers.

  To our knowledge, this  is the only royalty-free complete TrueType
  engine available.   Moreover, its  quality fully matches  these of
  Windows or  the Macintosh,  a thing that  cannot be said  for most
  other commercial engines available.

  FreeType is  a clean-room implementation that is  not derived from
  the original TrueType engine developed by Apple and Microsoft.  It
  has  been created  with the  sole help  of the  published TrueType
  specifications, which to our great surprise and pain turned out to
  be extremely poor or misleading in critical areas.  Much hard work
  has been undertaken to  solve numerous ambiguities; its end result
  is a portable, fast quality renderer!

  The  library itself takes  about 55kByte  of Intel  code, complete
  with  a  TrueType  byte-code  interpreter and  a  high-performance
  scan-line converter.

  You will find in this release:

     - Source code written in ANSI C.  We have now split the archive
       into two  versions.  One for  C, and another one  for Pascal.
       Due to the very small  demand for a Pascal engine, the Pascal
       sources are  used for experimentation  and prototyping.  They
       are available as  a separate package.  Contact tur...@enst.fr
       if you want more informations about it.

       The C source  code has been successfully compiled  and run on
       various platforms,  including MS-DOS, OS/2,  Amiga, Linux and
       several other variants of Unix.   It is written in ANSI C and
       should be very easily ported to any platform.

     - A high level  API to be used by  client applications and font
       servers.  This release is a "real beta", which means that the
       API  is functional and  complete, but  may contain  bugs.  We
       release it  to the public to  help chase bugs,  but we invite
       you, unlike the four  preceding 'alphas', to test and develop
       your own code on this API.

     - Support for the following features:

         o Font smoothing, a.k.a gray-level rendering.

             Just like  Win95, the renderer uses  a 'fine' algorithm
             that  only  smoothes the  diagonals  and curves,  while
             keeping the horizontal and vertical stems intact.

         o Support for all character mappings.

         o A full-featured TrueType byte-code interpreter.

             The  engine  is able  to  hint  the  glyphs to  produce
             excellent  output at small  sizes.  This  component has
             been  extremely  difficult to  get  right,  due to  the
             ambiguous   and  misleading   TrueType  specifications.
             However,   we  now   *match*   Windows  and   Macintosh

         o Composite glyphs.

         o TrueType  collections  support,  when  several fonts  are
           embedded in the same file.

         o Multiple opened fonts and point sizes.  And a real object
           and memory management system.

         o Support for extensions.

             It is  now possible  to extend the  engine in  parts to
             support additional features,  like optional tables that
             are not considered by the current core engine.

         o Kerning support.

             Provided  as  a  sample  extension with  this  release,
             kerning tables can be accessed from a TrueType font for
             applications that need it.

             Note  to would-be  extension writers:  A guide  will be
                   released in  the final  release on how  to design
                   and  code  extensions.  Note that  the  extension
                   scheme is  still in alpha and  will much probably
                   change for the final version.

  Note also that:

   - Though development  of the library is mainly  performed on OS/2
     and Linux, the library does not contain system-specific code.

   - The  package contains some  graphics drivers  used by  the test
     programs  for  display purposes  on  MS-DOS,  OS/2, Amiga,  and
     X11. These drivers are absolutely not mandatory for running the
     FreeType engine. Some console-mode test programs like 'lint' or
     'ftdump' don't use graphics at all.

   - We welcome any kind of volunteers willingg to help
     us test and run the engine on all kinds of platforms ( like Windows,
     BeOS, RiscOS, and other exotic things.. ).

 For more information point your browser at:

 Here is the lsm entry

Title:          freetype
Version:        Beta release
Entered-date:   06OCT97
Description:    truetype font rasterizer
Keywords:       font truetype rasterizer
Author:         David Turner <tur...@enst.fr>,
                Werner Lemberg <a7971...@unet.univie.ac.at>
                Robert Wilhelm <rob...@physiol.med.tu-muenchen.de>
Maintained-by:  Robert Wilhelm <rob...@physiol.med.tu-muenchen.de>
Primary-site:   ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/X11/fonts/
Original-site:  ftp://ftp.physiol.med.tu-muenchen.de/pub/freetype
Platforms:      Linux, OS/2, MSDOS, Amiga OS, Unix
Copying-policy: LGPL

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