CBB Version 0.72 - personal finance management

CBB Version 0.72 - personal finance management

Post by Curtis L. Olso » Mon, 07 Apr 1997 05:00:00


I am pleased to announce the release "CBB" version 0.72, a personal
finance management application written specifically for Unix.  It is
implemented in two parts.  The data base "engine" is written in Perl
and the graphical front end is written in Tcl/Tk.

CBB is available at:


This is primarily a bug fix release which cleans up several problems.

More information including screen shots and changes from previous
releases can be found at the CBB web page:



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1. TkRat 0.72 - A graphical Mail User Agent

I have now released version 0.72 of TkRat my Mail User Agent written
in C and tcl/tk. The main changes in this release are:
    * Italian language added (Many thanks to Tristan Tarrant)
    * Misc bugs fixed
    * There is now an terse mode of "SMTP verbose", and this is the default
    * Much better handling of bodyparts with unkown character sets
    * Can now convert to local newline conventions when saving bodyparts
    * Can now be started in iconic mode (via preferences)
    * Added dynamic folders
    * Now ignores the owner address in the sender field when replying
      to all on a mailing list
    * Many new edit functions in the compose window
    * The forward/bounce stuff is redone
    * Added keyboard shortcut to change number of shown headers
    * You can now disable the watcher window
    * Alias names are now case insensitive
    * Added a userproc for signatures
    * Folder menus higher than the screen are now handled gracefully
    * Now checks for active compose sessions when quitting

For a detailed list of changes see the web-page or the changes file included
in the distribution.

TkRat has a web-page at http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~maf/ratatosk

The source is available via anonymous ftp from ftp.md.chalmers.se in the
/pub/tkrat directory.


PS I run a mailing-list where I also post these announcements. To subscribe

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