AUC-TeX Emacs package added to SLS TeX files

AUC-TeX Emacs package added to SLS TeX files

Post by Thomas Dunb » Thu, 25 Feb 1993 17:31:15

I've added auc-tex.tpz to the /pub/linux/SLS/t2 disk at You may want to change some of the
defaults in /usr/emacs/lisp/tex-site.el; remember to
byte-compile tex-site.el if you do (or delete the
tex-site.elc that's included).
 the archive also contains a /usr/emacs/lisp/info.elc
different from the standard one..mine is Dave Gillespie's
improved Info reader to which i've made a one-line mod
so that it can unpack gzipped files as well as .Z files
(ie one can gzip all the files in /usr/emacs/info, except
for dir)

 Auc-TeX is a LaTeX/TeX package for Emacs. Source and
documentation can be found in
 /pub/linux/packages/TeX/auc-tex.tar.Z at,
as well as at many other sites.


1. Gnu Emacs can't find file auc-tex

I am not sure that this is the correct news group in which to ask this
question but I have been able to find nothing on point in the EMACS help
group and the problem seems to relate more to something that is missing
in the Slackware distribution of Linux than to a bug in GNU EMACS.

The problem is that when I attempt to enter the TEX (or LATEX) major mode
in GNU EMACS I get the following error message at the bottom of the screen:

File mode specification error: (File-error "Cannot open load file" "auc-tex")

and using the find command I am quite certain that there is, indeed, no
file named auc-tex anywhere on my system.  On the other hand, my
explorations of the GNU EMACS help group have indicated that there is
a file named auc-tex that apparently is used in the various TEX modes.
(I do have EMACS lisp files for tex, however.)  I loaded in EMACS using the
setup program that comes with Slackware 1.20 and the version that I have
is apparently GNU EMACS 19.22.1.

So my question is, where can I find auc-tex? or am I supposed to generate
it somehow? or do I need a patch or another version of EMACS?

In the meantime I guess that I can use EMACS in TEXT mode and still prepare
LATEX files, but, since one of my major goals in getting Linux was to be
able to use EMACS to create LATEX and TEX (and SGML) files, I would be most
grateful for any assistance.  (And if anyone can tell me anything about
editors or parsers for SGML I would be grateful for that information as

Peter D. Junger -- Case Western Reserve Univ. Law School

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