Important Umsdos release

Important Umsdos release

Post by Jacques Gelin » Fri, 07 Apr 1995 04:00:00

This is just a note to umsdos users. The current kernel 1.2.2 do
contain an important bug fix. While most Umsdos users have never
experienced it, few have seen it enough to look elsewhere. A
standard bug :-(

The most spectacular side effect of that bug what the somewhat
stange disappearance of /etc/passwd. If you have seen that, it is
fixed. The problem was with hardlink failing.

So 1.2.2 is the kernel to get for umsdos user (and for everyone
else in fact :-) )

It also contain other minor bug fixes:

-When booting a Umsdos system (umsdos as root), umsdos was looking for
/linux/etc/init to decide if the pseudo root needed to be activated.
It checks now both /linux/etc/init and /linux/sbin/init. The current
slackware distribution lack the first /linux/etc/init, so a umsdos
installation generally fail to boot properly because of that.

-There was a very strange bug in the msdos fs. When copying a file with
a lot of zeros, the general performance was falling very very low. The cp
command try to skip over chunks of zeros (creating sparse file). the msdos
fs can't support sparse file and so has to fill with real zeros. There was
a bug there and this filling was taking an enormous amount of time, most
of it in kernel mode. This problem could also be experienced when generating
core dumps for the same reason. Now performance is back to normal.

To update to 1.2.2 from any release of umsdos, nothing has to be done
(no reinstall) except getting a copy of the latest umsdos utilities available


which has been uploaded some time ago.


Ever think of installing unix without partitionning ?
Use UMSDOS, and enjoy LINUX!


PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.


1. gmod 1.2a released (important fix!)

I have uploaded version 1.2a of GMOD to  GMOD is a
MOD/669/ULT/MTM file player for Linux and the Gravis Ultrasound card.
It can be found as gmod-1.2a.tar.gz in /pub/Linux/Incoming or

New features of this version include:

        - quit, next module, and volume keys
        ***** bug fix in pattern break command

The bug in the pattern break command was very serious, so I highly recommend
downloading this version.

Please send any suggestions, bug reports, etc. to Andrew J. Robinson

with GMOD, please inform me.

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