Linux Journal -- a Magazine on Linux

Linux Journal -- a Magazine on Linux

Post by Linux Journ » Tue, 30 Nov 1993 21:21:15

This is an announcement about the status of Linux Journal magazine.
It was written on November 19, 1993.

Robert Young, publisher of New York Unix and Phil Hughes, Linux activist
and originator of the idea of publishing Linux Journal have combined
forces to make Linux Journal a reality.  Both professionals in the
computer industry, their combined experience is over 40 years in computing,
much of that with Unix platforms and 11 years in publishing.  Phil has
written or edited many of SSC's computer publications as well as written
articles for Unix/World and other computer magazines.

The idea for Linux Journal grew out of an idea for a "free software"
journal which about 6 of us came up with in March, 1993.  The Linux
community has the right "feel" for this sort of publication and
some of us have been involved with Linux for some time.

The publication will be on paper and will contain advertising.  The idea
is to cover Linux from a user's point of view.  We expect readers
to want to get Linux up and running on their system.  We intend
to address the needs of newcomers as well as trends, licensing
discussions and general information on the industry.  These decisions
are based on the answers to a survey that was posted to Usenet
earlier this year plus input from others in the Linux community.

Another important purpose of LJ is to show that Linux is real.
Having a publication covering a subject is going to help people
get vendors (communications board manufacturers, for example) to
support Linux.  LJ will start out small but will grow with the

Advertising will both reduce the subscription cost of the publication
and help people locate hardware, software and documentation that
meets their needs.  The main reason for a paper magazine is to
make it available to all those people who don't have Internet
access.  This should both ease the burden of question answering
for Linux experts and help the Linux community grow.

The first issue of Linux Journal will be available in February, 1994.
One year (12 issue) subscriptions are $19 in the US, $29 in Canada
and $39 elsewhere.  Subscriptions can mailed to Linux Journal,
P.O. Box 3364, Westport, CT 96880-8364 USA, FAXed to +1 203 454-2582
or phoned into (800) 546-7274.  We do accept American Express,
MasterCard and Visa/Access.  

We are also looking for authors and advertisers.
In order to handle any questions, here are e-mail addresses.

We will be setting up a list server to handle various information
requests.  Look for an announcement as soon as it is available.
Linux Journal -- The magazine of, for and about the Linux Community
P.O. Box 85867, Seattle, WA 98145-1867 USA


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